Shaken or stirred

The Perfect Aperitif

The perfect proportions of each ingredient, its balance, its elegance and its complexity allow it to be drunk straight or with ice. And the best way to appreciate the subtlety of its savours.

I have used a French gin called Christian Drouin, a beautiful gift from my brother. Incorporating more than 30 different varieties of apples - bitter, bitter-sweet, sweet and tart varieties are all represented, forming a rich, complex aromatic palette. Certainly the best way to enjoy would be the traditional Gin & Tonic. A Gin Fizz is another classic, served in a cocktail shaker. Or perhaps the Angel Face, a recipe created in 1928 as a tribute to the French actress, Annabella.

Whatever takes your fancy, here are the recipes.

Gin Fizz

A classic, prepared in a shaker

6cl Gin
4cl Lemon juice
2cl sugar syrup
Top up with Sparkling water and decorate with a slice of apple.

Angel Face

In a Shaker; equal parts of Gin, Calvados and Apricot liqueur
You can also prepare a version of this cocktail as a long drink, by topping up the glass with Christian Drouin Poiré (Poiré is a traditional beverage made in Normandy by the fermentation of Pear Juice. Very clear colour with gold high lights). Or just with sparkling water.

Cin cin.

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