Table Seven

Behind a big red door ….

So I am not suggesting I am discovering food trends here, but this was certainly a new experience for me. I have no doubt, even as I write this, millennials are cringing in their white sequenced sneakers. But seriously, where can one pop into a beautiful space, be offered delicious seasonal dishes cooked in front of you, all while feeling like you could just be in your kitchen, with your very own chef. And of course, a few cool millennials seated next to you, making you feel uber chic and bang on trend.

Discovering new food experiences and wines are top of my bucket list at the moment, as I really feel Cape Town has become saturated with fancy very expensive fine dining establishments that take months to get into, offer the standard few courses and as a result you leave satiated but with a new bond on your house to settle the bill.

Table Seven is not one of these - a chef in the kitchen cooking with passion, who’s only concern is whether you enjoyed his “plats du jour”. Luke offers 4 dishes daily, from Tuesday to Friday and a table for dinner bookings if you are a party of 16 - 20. On the odd occasion, they do a communal table where you can join complete strangers for an evening of food and wine. W(h)ine not!

I tried as many dishes as I could, all utterly sublime. From the tasty zucchini flower nibbles, to the heavenly burrata, peaches and lavender oil infusion. The Chenin in hand was chilled and complex and to be honest, a lunch hard to beat. To finish, caramel beignets and a dando coffee. If you haven’t heard of dando, you haven’t lived! Another good reason to venture out to Table Seven.

If you are one to plan, you can always opt for the daily broadcast from Luke, and learn of the menu beforehand. But I say, live a little and dare to surprise your taste buds, this will not disappoint!

Lucie Vos