The Breakfast List

First we eat, then we do everything else


These are just a few of my favourites for breakfast or brunch or sometimes just a coffee.  Life is too short for bad or average coffee (and well anything), and these deliver every time. Food for me is not just about eating, it is about the experience. The whole experience. It is as much about how I feel walking into a space, as it is about the taste and of course all the little details - I LOVE DETAIL.

So with this in mind, these few special places are ones that I visit time and again. Take time to do what makes your soul happy, I do. 


Jason Bakery

Pastries to die for, you’ll need to queue but it’ll be worth it! 

I travel over the mountain just for the flat white and pasteis de nata. Known as one of the best bakery's in the city, it offers an array of delightful sweet delights and savory bites. As well as wonderful loaves of bread.  If you feel like more, you can sit down and order breakfast or brunch, but I think the appeal lies in watching the street go by, as you sip and nibble your goodies on the pavement. 


Swan Café 

A Parisian creperie in the East Village, I mean East City Precinct and design district. 

This gorgeous little café and creperie is too divine for words. Waiters wear Breton stripes, and you can choose from a selection of sweet crêpes and savory galettes – it’s like being on a sidewalk in Paris. And accompanied by blended teas with names like French Kiss, Paris Je T’aime, Teint de Pêche and A Minty Affair; steeped in the perfume of Paris, sipped with the promise of ‘encore’… you’ll be back for more.


Schoon Café 

 Artisanal bakery and café in the Bird Precinct in Stellenbosch. 

It is also the production space for the Schoon baking team, so alongside that delicious coffee, you can see the team in action. The menu includes classics like the famous scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with slow roasted tomato and smoked bacon and the Croque Madame, but also include new additions that are just as scrumptious. And best of all you can take some bread home – bread is life! 


Mulbeburry & Prince

 A brunch of kings! 

They say you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Well this is the place to do it! This sophisticated little eatery is the perfect place for that leisurely bite of brunch. Not to be missed, so be sure to book well in advance.  


Four & Twenty

Café and pantry in the heart of charming Chelsea Village.

This bustling neighbourhood café is the perfect place for breakfast and makes the most divine eggs benedict. The signature benedict is their, with maple glazed bacon. Trust me, you’ll dream of this. There are also lovely sweet treats, and other savoury delights. It’s a tiny slice of the way life should be - sweet and gentle, warm and exciting.


Other Fine Fare


Café Du Cap

French café and the one of the best flat whites in Cape Town! They also make a sublime croque monsieur. 

Blue Crane Coffee Company

Artisanal coffee roastery in the heart of Stellenbosch. 

Loading Bay

A trading store and stockist of Aēsop Skin Care – the coffee is also fabulous. 


For the love of food, this restaurant is elegant and sophisticated and purely and simply sublime. 

Big Dog Café

A café in Franschhoek showcasing Terbodore Coffee – it’s damn fine coffee!


Until next time, Lucie 

These beautiful pictures were taken by Lauren Rautenbach Photography. Follow her or find her @laurenrautenbachphotography.

Lucie Vos