La Colombe


Dining at Silvermist


My husband and I were lucky enough to have lunch at La Colombe and although it took ages to get in, it was well worth the wait.

La Colombe is rated one of Cape Town's best restaurants, and our lunch was no exception. As we drive into the Silverhurst Estate, we are greeted by a very kind gentleman guard who directs us to the restaurant, as well as lets them know we are coming. The reception really is quite seamless and we feel very special.

Today it’s cold and raining, so the cozy fireside table is much appreciated. It is sparsely set but soon filled with home-made red wine and rosemary bread from the chef, smoked anchovy butter as well as a home-made garlic infused churned butter and the first amuse bouche, a smoked game tartare set in a little garden. We are amazed, and my pallet is jumping for joy. We have decided to go with a Sijnn red wine today, which is creamy and smooth and fast becoming one of my favourites.

Next, we have pork belly and scallops, it is unusual for us both to have the same choice, but it simply looks too good not to try. My husband has it sans the scallops, but we are both speechless as we enjoy the creation, glancing at each other in agreement that this could be the best starter we have possibly ever had. Ok, one of the best gustatory delights we have had.  Both the pork and the scallop could be eaten without a knife, so tender and melt in the mouth, we cannot wait for what’s coming. We both order the beef as a main, and for a few moments we are quiet again, as we admire the beauty of our plates. Eager to taste, my dear husband gobbles it all up in an instant and I can see he wants more. It is just enough for me, and I am feeling generous and give him some of my steak, somewhat reluctantly. I am afraid he didn’t get any of the gorgeous mash.

Logs are added to the fire and we decide to skip pudding and instead try the cheese course. Our clever waiter warns us, it is somewhat non-traditional, and oh my was he right. Three different ages of Boerenkaas cheese - 6 month, 12 month and 4 years old with pickled onion and poached figs, candied walnuts and walnut-cumin ice cream and a few other goodies, which I am not doing justice to. Extraordinary! And we both agree the best pudding ever, needless to say we devour the plate.

The petit fours with the bill, make it somewhat more palatable and we wonder back to car in a dulcified state. As we wave goodbye to the friendly guard at the gate, we both start to feel the La Colombe hangover already - sad that it will be a while before we return but with heavenly food memories to warm our souls for a while yet.

Until next time, Lucie

Lucie Vos